Climbing Over Grit”Quote 8″

Chapter One

Page 12

“It was unheard of for a man to wash dishes or cook and clean at home after his own hard day of work back then. Men were expected to be tough, the kind with bad morals, horrible personalities, and rough attitude. It was considered shameful and embarrassing if a man helped his wife at home.”

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  1. May Allah guide us towards the righteous path.

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  2. listen to townshends empty glass.

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  3. Yes! Slow=going reading with my other commitments. Though, pushing it back in as priority at each step. Currently. “WOW” is.a wonderfully applicable word with your writing… though, a review is composed of much more than, “WOW,” and in as far as I am, PAGETURNER… your work deserves ultimate respect of the care and attention to flesh out the, ‘WOW.” Laleh, “Climbing Over Grit” has bridged some treacherous evenings with outright meaningful substance. All I can currently offer is a respectful bow to the life-full power in your work. Review coming very soon. I am so enjoying steeping in your work, like steeping in Nature itself. Gratuitous ellipses of to be continued…

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  4. Amo gli uomini che aiutano…c’è complicità!
    mio marito è stato un militare, è un uomo dall’aspetto forte, ma mi ha sempre aiutato, è gentile e mio grande amico/alleato.

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