70th Review “Climbing Over Grit”


Thanks a million, dear for taking the time to review, appreciate it.❤️

Dear friends:

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Canada Book Awards


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  1. What a lovely review! Congratulations, Laleh and thank you, Ren!

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  2. Thank you for sharing Laleh!❤️

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  3. Any written account which impacts the human psyche is really wonderful but the one which is written through research, the account of which is from the general masses and their living methodology obviously is worth reading for not only for general know-how but also for enhancing our general awareness. A must read book as has been mentioned by the reviewer.

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  4. Ma sha Allah ma sha Allah. Will read this book for sure in sha Allah

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  5. Congratulations once again, I wish you success. May the book reach a large number of readers.

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