“104th” Reviews and comments

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  1. (Sic, autocorrect often writes things for me that I didn’t Nintendo) — “more sore the joyous ones” = “more-so the joyous ones.”
    Laleh, Your work carries such a wonderful and lush resonance, your poetic machete respectfully cuts through the jungle of intense traumas through life to release one from the yoke of the Self being bound in the experience of someone unwinding themself. Expansive, and at the same time focused in on the life-cycle of the flower that is life…

    The Soul Gardener in me expresses:
    ~ 1st year roots, and deadheading the Pansies driving energy to the roots
    ~ 2nd year foliage, and deadheading the Pansies driving energy in to the foliage supported by strong roots
    ~ 3rd year flowers and fruits, energies looking forward to…
    ~ 4th year naturalizing Self in the garden

    “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms.” ~ Malay Proverb
    “There came a time when the risk to stay tight in the bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin
    “When fighting monsters take care not to become one.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Being comfortable with the not-knowing, forgetting is for getting. Makes more room for the good stuff.”

    Laleh, “Climbing Through Grit” poetically navigates its world with all of these and more. It’s said that life comes with no instruction manual, though “Climbing Through Grit” is a poetic experience that informs one how to use the manual transmission in oneself to not just take charge… to take the long road home to Self… and not at all costs. To take care on the long road home to sidestep the re-runs, and add new shows and plays and sandboxes to our wits and will and deft transcendence of trouble to use that trouble wise in time in the present moment.

    This is a book that is like one Latin phrase. Not any particular one. Simply a Latin phrase, where It is a concept dreamed out into the world and not necessitating specific words, more-so deals and reels out experience in the journey of expressing it. Yet, your… your words… your words surf the liminal, inner horizon dreamed-out set of concepts in real time for people to use to see another who has not just endured, but has stayed aware and present through the most obliterating lights and dissolutions of darks.

    Reader, Do you care about yourself? If so, read “Climbing Through Grit.” It is one of those experiences that steps in as the stand-in when the manual for life doesn’t show up on the set.

    Jordan Hoggard
    Author, “Tarot in the Land of Mystereum”, “ImaginAction”, and “Prescient Remembrance.”

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  2. Ma sha Allah. Ma sha Allah. May more success come to your way

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