It Will Become Green|سبز خواهد شد

“158th story”

Mostafa arrived at the airport late at night.

aircraft-513641_640 (1)

He jumped into a Taxi and gave his address to the driver. The driver was an older man with a pleasant attitude. Mostafa stayed quiet and was looking at his phone.


After five minutes, Mostafa noticed that the driver is whispering something. First, he tried to ignore the humming, but after a few times of repetition, Mostafa paid more attention and noticed that the older man is repeating the same sentence. It was very strange. Mostafa asked the driver: “Can I know what have you been repeating for the past ten minutes?”


The older man said: “I’ve been a taxi driver for a long time. I worked from early in the mornings until very late at night; in this crazy traffic. I used to listen to the radio, but now I can’t stand that anymore.


I get bored sometimes and don’t like to waste my passenger’s time by talking to them. always when I got closer to an intersection to avoid the red lights, I used to go to small streets and alleys. But I realized no path is better then the straight ones. It was silly to do that.


I’m tired, and I don’t have the patience any longer. I decided to talk to the lights before getting close to them. I repeat to myself, “Don’t worry, it will become green.”


This sentence gave me hope, and it looks like all the lights turn green by my command. When life gets boring, you have to create a game to make it tolerable, at least to enjoy it. Here, we got to your destination.”

Mostafa was shocked. He noticed that most of the traffic lights turned green for the older man. Mostafa thought to himself; there are so many red lights in his life that are bothering him. After meeting that driver, when Mostafa reaches the hard red lights in his life instead of running away from them, he repeats to himself, It will become green, it will become green.

“All the red lights in our lives will turn green with patience and hope, we command them to turn green.”

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  1. Motivation behind this story is amazing 🙌

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  2. All the red lights in our life will turn green with the patience and hope. It’s true.thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love this story. I’ve noticed if I would like a red light so I can take off my jacket or grab a drink, they always stay green. If I’m late for work or an appointment they seem to turn red more often.

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  4. Really interesting, down-to-earth story about ability of the power of intention to change one’s perspective and influence the red lights in life. Love this, Laleh. ❤

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  5. I am halfway through your book. It’s enthralling.

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  6. Guess I’m gonna use the spell myself. 🙂

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  7. Patience – I do have to learn to be more patient, so that the red lights in my life will turn to green, too.

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  8. A beautiful and inspiring message 🙂 Yet another engaging tale with an important life lesson.

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  9. further to fly
    and that is
    i want
    and honey
    licking times
    the places
    the spaces
    she dont know
    no is no
    so rejected
    i elected
    to tell her to kiss my ass

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  10. Wonderful story and so appropriate for the Covid times we are living in. Eventually life will turn green again.

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  11. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  12. Lovely. This reminded of a suggestion someone made to me years ago. When stuck in traffic or waiting aimlessly for a meeting to start or a line to move forward, use the time to pray. ❤

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  13. Stay optimistic, never lose hope. We can all relate to this.

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  14. Interesting and Inspiring story my dear Laleh❤️❤️❤️❤️

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