Immoral Instinct|غریزه غیراخلاقی

“161st Story”

Once upon a time

A shepherd was grazing his herd.

He saw a bush that was on fire.

He got closer to the bush and saw a snake crawling to the highest part to find a safer place. The snake was so desperate for help. The shepherd found a tree branch and pointed it towards the snake. The snake crawled through.

Instead of thanking the shepherd, the snake said: “Where do you want me to bite you?”

The shepherd responded: “But I saved you. Is this how you repay my kindness?!”

The snake said: “That’s why I gave you a choice. Biting is my nature.”

The shepherd said: “We need someone to judge our situation. The first one who comes this way should be the judge, and we could ask what is fair to do?”

The snake agreed, and they waited until they saw a fox coming towards them.

The shepherd explained the entire story, and the clever fox said: “If I have to judge between you two, I have to be able to see the exact incident.”

They all walked back towards the fire.

The fox asked the snake to crawl on the same tree branch and go back to his exact position. The snake did that, and now he was in the middle of the fire again.

The snake asked for help, and the fox said: “You better stay there and burn so others could hear the story and learn that they shouldn’t help the ones with abomination nature.”

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  1. nature does not suffer fools gladly
    and sadly
    not enuff
    care about the right stuff
    and then myob~!

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  2. If only we could recognized such people in advance.

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  3. Beautiful story,we have the same expression in Persian language which says scorpion’s stings are because of their instinct not because of their angers.

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  4. Snakes, fire, foxes . . . some danger is easier to spot than others!

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  5. Brilliant! That’s why I always love the fox 🙂

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  6. Interesting story…you cannot change a snake’s nature!

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  7. Very clever
    A lesson to be learned 💜

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  8. Difficile cambiare la natura dell’animo….

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  9. Hard lesson for the snake, but absolutely necessary.

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  10. ““Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces” (Matt. 7: 6).

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  11. Delightful. I have made a note to revisit to learn the genesis of this fable. Thank you.

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  12. Atleast won’t give immorals a second chance , no doubt it’s their nature

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