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“50th story”

First Published: Aug.02.2018

There once lived a respected “religion adviser” in a small town.


People simply believed everything he said because they believed all his sentences and judgments came directly from God. They used it, spread it and without any research, accepted it.


There was a special annual ceremony in town where wealthier people cooked big pots of food and distributed to their fellow-citizens for gathering and charity reasons.


People had to stand in lines to fill up their pots with to take home to eat.


The religion adviser’s wife told him that the lineup for food was so long and by the time she gets to the food, it would be finished. She felt that she wouldn’t get any of the charity food this year.


The religion adviser said: “Don’t worry at all, I will fix it.”

He took his pot to the food distributors and said: “Hold the line. Don’t give any more food to people as this food has a religious problem.”

Everyone stopped and was waiting to hear the reason.

The adviser continued: “I am not sure if the meat in the food was cut in God’s name. The sheep told me itself. So it might be questionable and you must not spread it to people. UNLESS.”


Everyone got happy that there is a solution and couldn’t wait to hear more.

“Unless five kilos of the food is given to a religious advisor, a man of God.” He continued.

Everyone shouted: “Thank God that there are rules to make life easier for us.” And they all happily agreed to fill up the adviser’s pot with food first to make it edible for the rest of the crowd.


The religion adviser took his full pot and walked towards the home.

One new visitor of the town realized how the Religion adviser abused his place and deceived others without any shame.

He ran to the religion adviser and said: “How could you manipulate people like that, no sheep is able to talk to you to inform you about not being butchered in God’s name.”

The advisor responded: “I needed to have a pot full of free food. It isn’t my fault people like being stupid and believe anything that comes out of my mouth.”

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  1. So mean that adviser is!! The true picture of the many selfish people whom we often blindly trust!! Anyways, great post! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing!… unfortunately, not all advisors are religious and there are far too many of them… 🙂

    “Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.”
    ― Frank Herbert

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    • Beautiful quote. It was a sarcasm to all world leaders. I don’t understand why can’t we stop all these madness. Thanks dear ❤️

      Liked by 8 people

      • Right now all those leaders have the stage because a element of the human race, who is self-centered and closed minded, put them there… it will take time and patience but I am sure change is in the winds… nothing good comes easy or in a hap-hazard manner… 🙂

        “A house that is built with patience and love will withstand the strongest winds of difficulties and conflict , a house built with haste and insincerity will collapse in a mere breeze of discontent.” (Larry Woller 6-21-2007)

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      • Beautiful quote thanks for sharing dear ❤️

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  3. This is a big unfortunate because we have the same religious advisors all over the world people always are the targets of these religions advisers. nice post

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  4. That is a tale which never grows old!

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  5. I’ve been sick and not been on wordpress. Glad to come back to such a great story ❤ you did great!

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  6. The wisdom of my Father’s words remains unchanged : “A lie is always a lie, no matter how often it is repeated or how many believe it.” Your tale is sadly quite representative of the present. We live in a time where it seems that truth is not valued as it ought to be, worse that the untruths are accepted. Thank-you!

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  7. so enjoy your stories……..

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  8. So true, unfortunately.🙏😊

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  9. An invaluable lesson for our times, Laleh. There are far too many “religion advisers,” and others of the same ilk, among us who prey upon human misery, desperation, and stupidity.

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  10. Ouch touche … don’t believe everything we hear, especially if it lines another’s pocket, er pot!

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  11. Laleh, this is a superb short tale!

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  12. Really great morality story. Love the ones you post.

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  13. This reminds me of how things are in the US right now. 😦
    I think both are at fault, the liar as well as those who are foolish enough to believe the lies.
    Excellent story, Laleh

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  14. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Great story.

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  15. All is not what it first seems.

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  16. A wonderful story. I goes to show that we should always keep our eyes on God, and He will order our steps! Blessings to you!

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  17. Having a compassionate heart always leads to the goodness being in service for the one’s you need it. Thank you Laleh joon for sharing

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  18. Lovely story Laleh, there’s a old saying ” he who does not learn from the past is doomed to repeat it ” one day people will learn then those people will have no more power over anyone.


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  19. Ha, that’s why we must continue to put our trust in God, not man. Man fails, God doesn’t!

    Blessings to you and great story as per.

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  20. Jesus anticipated this. He said something like: “a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit. You will know them by their fruit.” I have met a “Pastor” that gossiped about his church members and condemned them behind their back in an effort to “win” me. I didn’t know Jesus or the Bible then and so I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. Jesus said something like: “You don’t gather grapes from thorn bushes and berries from thistles.” Not all who claim to be of God are of God. Test their actions to know their character. (Including me. This post is very convicting to me. I am obviously not perfect. But I try, fail, ask forgiveness and try again).

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  21. Trust God, not men! Beautifully illustrated Laleh! You are a genius. Love the photo of the sheep.😀

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  22. We must be discerning of false teachers.

    Minor edit:
    manipulate people like that[?] [N]o

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  23. Dear Laleh. I wish I could have said at the end how glad I feel this isn’t a true story and yet it is, in today’s world! Your words are always so close to life itself ❤ ❤

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  24. In mijn ogen is het een misdaad gebruik te maken van de goedgelovigheid van anderen

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  25. Gotta share this one on Facebook.

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  26. An excellent allegory of certain types of religious leaders who are found throughout all religions in the world.

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  27. Ook hier zit een les in.Geloof niet alles wat je hoort

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  28. There is a saying that faith is opium for the people. It’s easy to manipulate people in the name of God. Whoever uses the name of God for his own benefit is vile. Shame! Each of us has her own authority, which she believes. May your faith be not used.

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  29. This is a lovely read Laleh. Thanks very much for writing. Cheers

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  30. The people sitting on high positions be it government or religion, tend to exploit their status, and sadly we are the dumbest people to grant them that position in the first place.

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  31. see not a be er
    of humility
    food for thought

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  32. I like the moral in your stories Laleh.
    Keep safe my dear,

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  33. Sad but true. The real sheep in this story (like the sheep in the world around us) are those swallowing the words of their religious advisor w/o examining them.

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  34. I agree with the message, when someone manipulates another in the name of religion – the person being manipulated is also to be blamed, a bit atleast.

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