Parrot and Bag of Sugar|طوطی و کیسه قند

“178th story”

Many years ago, a merchant brought a parrot to his country from India.

The parrot and merchant became best friends. After that, the merchant believed the parrots are the most loyal creatures in the world.

The parrot was always with the merchant. He sometimes carried the parrot on his shoulder or hand. The parrot loved sugar cubes more than anything in his small world.

The parrot loved the merchant because he was kind and always gave her sugar cubes.

“It’s time to go to sleep. But both of us shouldn’t sleep, because I heard people say there is a thief in the town. Please, stay awake and watch the valuable things; if anyone wanted to take it away, scream and wake me up.” Said the merchant to the parrot.

The merchant went to sleep. After a short time, a man jumped down from the wall into the merchant’s house.

The parrot was watching the thief but didn’t wake the merchant.

The thief took all the valuable things in the house and emptied the place and left.

The merchant woke up and saw the house bare; he panicked.

“Good morning.” Said the parrot.

“How can it be a good morning when they’ve taken everything. Did you see anyone last night?” The merchant said.

“Yes. A man came into the house from the wall.” The parrot said calmly.

“He took everything?! You were supposed to wake me up if any thief is taking valuable things!” The merchant growled.

“Yes. You said if anyone tried to take any valuable thing, scream and wake me up, but the thief didn’t touch the sugar cubes, and the valuable things were safe.” The parrot said.

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  1. So very different are the views about the valuable things. 😉
    Stay safe!

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  2. 😅 if that parrot survived that morning, then they were truly best friends

    Love the underlying message, everything is subject to perspective including valuables. Your treasures can be another man’s ordinary item

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  3. Moral: value is in the eye of the valuer, or never trust a parrot…
    Great story, Mrs Chini! Thank you.

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  4. That parrot is VERY intelligent…regards.

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  5. The most valuable thing in parrots mind was the cube sugar, which is so cute,nice post as usual.

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  6. Have been similar put to the test this time? 😉 What another instructive story! Thank you so much, Laleh! Its always a pleasure to read. Be well, and stay save! Michael

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  7. Value is clearly in the eyes of the person ( or bird) doing the watching.

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  8. Another great story, Laleh, and many thanks for having shown us that everybody may have a different opinion about what valuable things are!:) Have a good day Martina

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  9. Excellent!

    A man went to a job interview.
    To the question “special talents” he answered:
    “I’m the fastest Mental calculator I know”.
    “So,” said the interviewer (and drew his pocket calculator), “how much is 365,25 multiplied by 86,400,” he asked.
    “47,203.56… If you please,” the applicant fired back, in a jiffy.
    “Nonsense!,” Said the interviewer after checking his pocket calculator, “here it says: 31,557,600.00”.
    “I did say ‘fastest’,” the applicant replied; “never that I was accurate”.

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  10. Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes value!

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  11. A clever story and yet funny! Thank you. Yours, Elisa

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  12. So nice! It is the way you rate something. What is important for someone? Thank you for this nice little story!

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  13. ah the aye of the beholder

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  14. It is all a question of perspective. The sugar cubes would be the most valuable to the parrot…of course. My horse would agree with this parrot!😀

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  15. 🤣🤗👏👏👏 Great story Laleh! 💖

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  16. When, a heart knows the sweet thing in life. No thief, will ever be able rob you of it! Lovely share!

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  17. Short story with a sound lesson✨✨⭐

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  18. Great take from this story Laleh.

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  19. Parrot be like bro you never mentioned whose valuables.

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  20. Laughing hysterically. Reminds me of a child. Perspective is so much fun.

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  21. There are no truths, only perceptions.

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  22. Too bad for the merchant but I like the parrot. 😂

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  23. 😀 Well, he didn’t specify what kind of ‘value’. I am very sure the parrot survived.

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  24. A simple story with a valuable moral ✨✨✨

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  25. Effettivamente per ognuno di noi il valore può essere diverso…ognuno di noi ha la sua scala di “valori”.

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  26. Thank you for reading about my dear uncle,Lelah. Such a cute story! It’s all about perceptions, isn’t it?! xx

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