Friend Appreciation

To appreciate my kind friends-followers;

All of you who have published books in any categories, send me a photo of your book, or a link in this post, I will post it on my Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully over 7000 others would find your beautiful work. Tell your friends too.

Thank you for all your kind visits, likes and comments, means a lot.

Love you all


Laleh Chini

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  1. What a generous gesture! Be well!

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  2. How kind of you. I’ve not published a book but this is very generous of you.

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  3. How kind of you, Laleh! Much appreciated ❤
    Here's the link to my novel Under the Tamarind Tree

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  4. Could you please share my Blog on Reviews, Interviews and Articles on your Social Media handles?
    I’ve recently started and would love to have some of your followers visit my site!
    Thanks in advance!

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  5. This is a very kind and generous offer, Laleh, thank you. My children’s novel ‘Gateway to Magic’ features a gaming fanatic who finds himself trapped in Fairyland where all tech is banned by law. You can find it here:

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  6. That’s such a kind offer Laheh ❤

    My first novel is below – the first of the three part trilogy:

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  7. How nice of you!! Thank you so much, will post a link here soon. 😊

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  8. This is the kind of community nurturance which makes our WordPress family so great! Thank you, Laleh!

    This web book on homelessness in our time has been brilliantly reviewed by both Rebelle Society and Namaste Publications, and is creating compassion in 36 countries — if you can get it to a few more readers, that would be wonderful.

    It’s right here on WP:

    “The New Holocaust: Homelessness in America and What We Can Do About It”

    Thanks again, from all of us. You go, gurl!

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  9. You are so kind Laleh❤️🤗

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  10. Hey Laleh,
    To repeat everyone’s sentiment: you’re very thoughtful. Thank you.
    I’m supposed to be working on a (non-fiction) book proposal on ethical consumerism.
    But of course starting a big project like this, as you know, can be daunting.
    So to distract myself for a little while I started a new blog!
    Actually the blog was inspired by the economic hardship caused by the pandemic so I think it’s timely.
    It will focus on highlighting ethical products for people on budget.
    Perhaps you can share this new blog then since my book isn’t ready yet?!

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  11. what a delightful idea to share their publications … doubt I will ever go there but thanks!

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  12. Wonderful idea, wonderful woman! What a great idea, Laleh! Here’s the link to my books on Amazon. I hope you don’t mind, but I will be stealing your idea. 🙂

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  13. Dear Laleh, Great idea! Such a gracious gesture. Thank you!

    I decided a month ago that my weekly Serendipity Itineraries post that showcase blogs and sites and places I’ve discovered and people I follow wasn’t to just be from that week. I decided to allow it to grow into a community support post for others’ work, which may soon need it’s own devoted page. Good problem to have that feels good.

    Here’s a link to my ImaginAction Shop where I have 5 PDF eBooks for download, and links to purchase my Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Tarot + book boxed set on Amazon. Plus, there’s a link to Taschen Books for the Library of Esoterica recently published that was put together by Jessica Hundley — where I have the distinct, lineage level Oscar of an honor to have both my Star and 6 of Wands cards featured Amongst the 500 plus-minus historical Tarot citizens there.

    Thank you again for this gracious gift of an opportunity, Laleh. Here is a general link to my shop:

    Much love and hugs from here,

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  14. Sei davvero meravigliosa!

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  15. Laleh I appreciate this, it’s very kind of you! I’m not sure if my book is what you are looking for but I will post the link. It’s about cats, and nature, and a little history of the area I live in and it’s arts activities:

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  16. Thank you, Laleh! God bless you!

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  17. How generous of you, Laleh! Here’s a link to my vintage postcard book: Thank you, Laleh!

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  18. what a GRACIOUS THING TO DO!!!! ❤

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  19. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  20. You are very kind. This made me smile.

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  21. Beautifully expressed
    Stay wealthy healthy safe and happy

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