The Endless Sunset

Buy your copy of PAPERBACK on Amazon and ebook at all sites.

‘The Endless Sunset’ is an adult picture book, that I’m sure you would love to read and enjoy all the images. Get your copy and share your feelings with me and your friends, please.

Can’t wait to read your reviews and thoughts. I promise that you would love this book.

(Paperback on Amazon, and Ebook will be available in all sites around the world.)

The field was singing the coldest wind through our souls.  Many kids were burning with fever.  Some of us fell and slept in the middle of that area forever.  We were holding our coughs, trying not to make any noise while passing through this open meadow when one of the older adults couldn’t take it and started to cough. Breathing heavy, he fell to the ground.  All of us started running.  In a second, artillery shells destroyed our unity and exploded between us, then machine gun shootings began.  They didn’t see us clearly in the dark, so they just sent a rain of bullets on us.  We were tired enough to give up and just die and rest in peace. This earth doesn’t seem to have any consensus on it, so why not die and finally be at peace? But I had to run for Lena, Lars, and so many more kids.
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  1. How exciting!!! Congratulations on your new publication! I wish it every success!! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations, Laleh. This looks most enticing, however, I stopped buying books more than ten years ago when I realised that I will never have enough time left to read those I already have. I wish you well with it.

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  3. Congratulations ! I’m very excited to see it, read it and enjoy it. I’m so proud of you and starting to count down to see,. The Endless sunset with its beautiful images, I just want to thank you for being a wonderful writer.

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  4. This is fantastic news, Laleh, you have been busy! A huge congratulations! I wish you every success with the book 🥳

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  5. I can’t wait to get a copy, Laleh! Another excellent book by you! I’ll keep checking back on Amazon for it. Best wishes and much successful with your latest project!

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  6. Congratulations, Laleh. This looks intriguing and meaningful.

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  7. congratulations! I wish you success and all the best… I actually used to follow your blog but on seeing it today and viewing your posts, I wondered how or when I no longer stopped following it, but I never did stop.

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  8. Many congratulations Laleh💐.

    You’ve always been doing a great job wholeheartedly.

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  9. Another one of your great accomplishments as an incredible writer.

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  10. congrats Laleh, that must have been a harrowing write, well done!

    Really appreciate your offer but I really have too much on my plate. but appreciate the thought!

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  11. Well the cover looks interesting. I hope the book will be too! I will definitely order it.

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  12. Thanksgiving and blessings amen 🙏

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  13. ♥️♥️🇮🇷♥️♥️

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