“123rd story”

First published: Dec.26.2019

A story by Laleh Chini:

This story goes back nearly fifty or more years ago.

My grandparents and their children were coming back to Shiraz, our hometown, from a long road trip.


They had less than two-three hours to get home when they saw an accident had happened a few minutes back.


They stopped to help as back then, the roads were not highways like now. And there were no cell phones to call the police. Someone had to drive to the nearest town to report any accidents; so, people usually helped in an accident and even sometimes took the injured to the nearest hospitals.


When my grandparents got to the scene, other cars had already done most of the job, and the last of the injured were taken out of the damaged car and being taken care of, and only one was remaining. My grandmother ran to the victim and tightened her headscarf to the injured’s head to help him stop bleeding.


She tried to pressure the wound to help stop the bleeding, till help gets to him. Shortly after, an ambulance and police came and took the wounded to the hospital, and everyone else went to their destinations.

My grandparents felt so sad to see this horrible accident, and during the entirety of their remaining drive home, they prayed for the victims to survive.


My grandparents got home a few hours after the accident, and when they got to their entrance door the first thing that drew their attention was my grandmother’s headscarf.


It was clean and folded neatly on the front entrance chair. She asked my grandfather if he witnessed that she left her scarf on that boy’s bloody head, and my grandfather nodded positively; even the kids confirmed.


“How could that be possible?” My grandmother said.

My uncle said: “Could that injured boy be a Jinn, an alien?”

Even after developing their trip photos, they saw my grandmother’s headscarf in several pictures.

This story gives me chills to this day. How do you think the scarf got there?

(I explained about “Jinn-Alien” in one of my stories “The snake in the garden”)



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  1. Shivery. Unless someone who knew her took charge of the scarf and, being first to arrive, secured the scarf where she’d see it. 🙂

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  2. Wow! If he was a Jinn, then he was a nice one. But I guess Jinns don’t bleed, so I think someone, a friend or a cousin, sent your grandma a headscarf as a surprise gift, which had a very similar pattern and colors to the one she used to cover the boy🙂🙃🙂🙃

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  3. Fascinating
    A djin seems as possible an answer as anything else.

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  4. Life is stranger than fiction 😇

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  5. shia
    to sunni
    seek to cover
    your face
    your rights

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  6. Or JESUS. He said that whatever we do for others we are doing for Him. (Matthew 25:31-46)

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  7. Amazing! What an incredible story.

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  8. A goosebump story for sure! I say it was an angel, thanking them for the kindness they showed. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Remarkable story, I believe every single word of it, because as far as I know jinns have always positive reactions to the people’s compassions.

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  10. Wow!! That gave me chills!!

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  11. Someone from that person’s family bought the same scarf and left it at your home as a token of appreciation. That seems likely to me. 🙂 Beautiful story!

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  12. This is a wonderful story and beautiful message. They didn’t have cellphones back then, yet your grandparents and others, took the time to stop, help and assist another. We very well could be attending to Angel unaware. Powerful message of love and sacrifice.

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  13. Definitely a Jinn. Great story. I’m from Nevada when an accident in the desert is definitely a call for action for passing motorists.

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  14. Una storia emozionante che fa venire i brividi.
    Se fosse capitato qui avrei potuto dire che l’angelo della misericordia ha riportato in dono a tua nonna, il dono che la sua generosità a veva ceduto a quel ferito.
    Una storia molto bella da tramandare.
    Un abbraccio e grazie per i tuoi sempre intensi racconti.

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  15. curious! the cover of Laleh Chini’s new book has become one of the rotating header images on BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD.

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  16. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  17. Lovely and intriguing piece of family history Laleh. It’s OK not to understand.

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  18. Wish could know who did that. A puzzle with mixed feelings

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  19. What a lovely story. Knowing it’s true makes it very intriguing.

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  20. Good deeds are always magickal 🙂

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  21. A great story from your past.
    Greetings from Belgium.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

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  22. Very interesting story Laleh

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  23. Thank you for re-posting this story, Laleh, so I could enjoy it all over again. I believe in miracles, and I think your family experienced one that day. Due to the time and distance involved, nothing else makes sense. Sometimes we have to just take things on faith and remember that with God all things are possible.

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  24. wow I love this story Laleh! Truly gives me shivers too. 💖💖

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  25. Just goes to show you that their are some mysterious, perhaps even “real” supernatural events in our lifetimes. They’re left to our own imaginations.

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