I promise I will stay strong|قول می دهم که قوی خواهم ماند

“127th story”

First published: Jan.30.2020

It was a Friday and all the high school kids were waiting for the bell to ring. They all were thinking about how to spend their weekend.

Mike walked off school with a hand full of books and looked like he had a cumbersome backpack. His thick glasses were slipping on his nose and he was struggling to carry those extra loads


— Mike’s weird act drew John’s attention. John was a good student with good grades too, but a fun one. While John was secretly staring at Mike, some kids pushed Mike purposely and threw him with all his unnecessary loads on the asphalt.


John couldn’t help it and ran to Mike and helped him pick up his books.

John said: “Dude, are you sure you need all these books over one weekend? You have to bring them back on Monday again. Next time leave some in your locker. Let me walk with you to your place to help you carry some.”


Mike quietly said: “Thank you.”

John asked for mike’s address and realized they live on the same street.

John said: “Oh, that’s strange. I haven’t seen you in the neighborhood before. If you like, we can leave your books at your place and go to my home to play video games.”


Mike liked the idea. He opened his house’s front door, put the books down, and yelled: “Mom, Dad, I’m going to john’s house at number 34 to play video games.”


Four years passed, and it was time for the graduation party, and the best student had to make a speech. John and Mike stayed best friends all these years and had the best marks, but Mike was the one with a higher score to make the speech.


The part of Mike’s speech that made John and some other kids and parents cry was:

“That Friday in my first year of high school, I cleaned all my lockers so my parents wouldn’t have to do that after I’m gone. I thought starting high school would be different, but I still was bullied by other kids. No one would like to be a friend with a loser, because their reputation was crucial. But John saved me that Friday. I was going home to commit suicide and end this miserable life. John changed my life and I promise I will stay strong and never give up hope.”

Let’s pay attention more and be there for each other.



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  1. That’s a wonderful story Ma’am.
    We cannot imagine how our little attention can save someone’s life and in a same way our little bad act can devastate one’s feelings.

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  2. What a powerful post. It brought me to tears. Just one small act of kindness can change someone’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, an eye opener for sure, we really have to wake up from ourselves and become our brothers’ keepers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nicely pinned, Mike owes John for the rest of his life.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So warm and touchy. One who has a real friend in need is a rich man indeed. Great story, dear! :*

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  6. A little gesture of help and kindness can safe a life… We should always have that in our minds and hearts.
    Thank you for that remarkable story, Laleh. ❤

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  7. as per joe walsh
    you never know
    the book of someone said so

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  8. A beautiful story about the change one person can make in the life of another. Bullies are the real losers in life.

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  9. So powerful and encouraging! Thank you Laleh.

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  10. I love this story!
    I had a similar experience. I’ll probably write about it soon. Thanks for the inspiration. 😉

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  11. Having compassion for one another is the Truth to practice of our being on this earth.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. So true. Many suicidal attempts were stopped by empathic people.

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  13. I love this story! A gesture of kindness, does indeed, save lives. Bullying and cyber-bullying in schools has reached drastic proportions.

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  14. This made me cry, too, Laleh. ❤

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  15. A very moving story. Thank you for sharing this.

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  16. Amazing story with an ending I wasn’t expecting.

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  17. We live on an ultra competitive culture. So very rarely in my teaching career had I seen one teen care for another in need this way. It’s thus nice to read of the exception to this rule here.

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  18. Nice writing, I really like it

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  19. oh what a moving story Laleh. 💖💖💖

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  20. Such an amazing and inspiring story.
    Thanks Anita

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  21. Our culture of violence needs to end and this story provides some hope for that to happen.

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  22. Heartfelt story! The emotional ending takes me back to my teaching tenure of long ago. We lost a high school student to suicide just a few weeks into the new year. I will never forget.

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  23. Indeed. Thank You for the reminder, beautiful Laleh!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  24. This is an engaging story about the promise of friendship. Thank you.

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  25. Sometimes somebody’s ordinary deed can make huge changes in the other person life. As usual, Laleh, your story cannot leave indifferent.

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  26. A sober reminder of how fragile a young mind can be. A heart wrenching story with a happy ending, thank God!

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