“1813th” Reviews and comments

“Climbing Over Grit” is a memoir about grief and ultimate betrayal!

I love true stories and this one was awesome. Najmeh is an 11-year-old girl who is pushed to an unwanted future by her parents. She always had to live at least ten years ahead of her age. She put all her dreams on hold and struggled in the wallow called life. This book made me cry in several parts. It was even hard to walk with Najmeh through her story. No child deserves to suffer as she did. What a shame of the parents who just give birth and go to the next one to enjoy life and feel young. These parents are nothing but disgrace.

Loved the book, don’t miss it.

Elizabeth A.

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  1. This story will make me cry too, I’m sure! I love true stories and living in America we tend to forget how tough it can be elsewhere. Thank you for sharing this book Laleh. 💕

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  2. All these wonderful reviews make me want to read your book again!

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