Take my hand|دست من را بگیر

“177th story”

First published: Jan.21.2021

In a little village lived a very miserly man. He had enough but never gave anything to others. Everyone knew him and never expected anything from him.

One day the stingy man fell into the nearby river. He held on to a weak branch, as he didn’t know how to swim, and started shouting for help.

First-person that heard his voice went to him and said: “Give me your hand.”

When the ungenerous man heard the word “GIVE”, refused and screamed for help again.

Another passer came close and told him: “Give me your hand.”

But the drowning man, refused again.

A wise man that was passing by, witnessed everything. He went closer and told the miserly man: “Take my hand.”

The miserly man reached for the wise man’s hand, and they pulled him out of water.

When the wise man left the scene, the other two passers ran to him and asked: “We tried to help that man and he refused. How come he listened to you?”

The wise man said: “You asked him to GIVE you his hand. Miserly, people are not willing to give others anything. I asked him to TAKE my hand, and he was happy to do that.”

Poor people are deprived of some of God’s affluence, but miserly, people are deprived of all God’s gifts.

“Two kinds suffered uselessly and tried unprofitably. First the one who saved and never used it; and second, the one who knew and didn’t teach others.”

Persian Poet Saadi

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  1. give and take
    and words
    polar opposites
    and fear
    oh good golly gosh
    shah farouk~

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  2. Another beautiful life story. I especially loved the quote of the Poet Sadi.

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  3. Great post

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  4. Very wise man!

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  5. Love the story and the quote! Congratulations of the new book!

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  6. Lovely story as always Laleh! ❤️

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  7. Another good story with the lesson entwined so well within the story.

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  8. You have the feel of the old wise man yourself, but have you ever reflected on how the words of Jesus can be understood by all, as a proper under standing of his words, leads to universal peace, amen,
    all major faiths and means believe in Him, so why not teach others to think this through, we are all under the Same sun etc,,cheers

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  9. Giving and taking appear as such different, how ever one’s mind is set. In Truth giving and taking can be the same. As you take it could be gift to the giver, yet not to apply for greedy humans.

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  10. Nice story

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  11. Thank you, Laleh

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  12. Great story and lesson, Laleh.

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  13. Beautiful view

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  14. It’s my pleasure

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  15. Thoughtful contrast between two of life’s interactions . . . Give and Take. I appreciate the life lessons magnified through your writings.

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  16. Beautiful story

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  17. ” We can only give so much “…one of my blogger friends told me this.

    I am ready to serve my services.

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  18. Profound. There is a golden nugget of wisdom in all your posts, Laleh. ❤

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  19. L’avarizia è un male terribile, inaridisce l’anima.

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  20. It is a wonderful story, many kisses from Romania, success

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  21. Wow hmmm! What an immense sorry. Truly God inspired & God given. This teaches us to surrender full time unto the Lord & not part time. Hold onto the hands of Him and not man. Cause that man is weak as you are and needs God strength & grace just as you do! Very blessed story indeed! Blessings! ❤

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  22. Love the quote from Saadi. Beautiful message

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  23. It’s a story I’ve heard in various ways but the truth is always there. I like this version. 🙂

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  24. Such beauty throughout this post ~ your words and how they flow into the photos. This blessed story is told so well.

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