“2056th” Reviews and comments

“Climbing Over Grit” is a sad true story of the life of an 11 years old girl who goes through an unwanted life while she is supposed to play with dolls and little girls. What amazing writing by a mother and daughter. Sometimes it is very hard to understand what girls and women go through in some parts of the world and think how could that ever be possible, but unfortunately, these things still happen. As a European, it is very painful for me to even read about these stories. I recommend you to read this fascinating story.

James Th.

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  1. A very nice review that should make you proud!
    Love ❤️

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  2. A nice captivating review. I was drawn into the sensitivity of lonesomeness and confusion. I am sure there are many young ladies that can relate to similar plights. No doubt, a story of this nature creates awareness in every family and social circle.

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