Keep Your Faith

“214th” Story

Jacob saw a very poor boy who had ripped shoes on, and strangely was thanking God for the cover for his feet.

Jacob couldn’t just pass by, and asked the boy: “How can you thank God for these ripped shoes?”

The boy said: “When I saw a man with no leg, and he was thanking God with such strong faith, how can I not be thankful? I just have no new shoes.”

Boy’s answer made Jacob think;

Sometimes in life, we have to stop running for a moment, take a deep breath and think about all the many goods that we have besides those a few problems. We have to be patient.

 When we reach our hands to the sky and beg God for help, he is there listening. Just stay strong and keep fighting. If we feel pain that means we are alive, but if we feel other’s pain that means we are a caring human.

Be careful, not everyone is our friend. Don’t tell all the problems to people. They may use it one day against us.

We have a lot to thank God for if we start counting, it’s an infinite number that we could never reach the end of the list.

Don’t worry about the people who hurt us or our feelings, God will punish them often very quietly.

We should never beg people in order to reach our goals. Keep our faith, and work hard, God will never let you down.

Not all the doors we knock on is the right door. God always listens to broken hearts more carefully.

Dear friends don’t forget to. read my books.

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  1. You are true but sometime is rally difficult…

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  2. will no thrill
    cold to heat
    slob to be neat
    put down the seat
    and scream
    yeah now
    hi ho
    off i go!

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  3. A beautiful, uplifting story

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  4. “If we feel pain that means we are alive, but if we feel other’s pain that means we are a caring human.” Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for every little thing…🙂🙏💕

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  5. I love this post, Laleh!

    God taught me to pray for those who do us harm, they don’t know better. And when you pray for them to be healed instead, you heal your soul, forgive and are forgiven as well. God takes care of us all, and all his lessons and people are for good.

    Also, maybe I will purchase some of your books, they look interesting 🤔.

    As always, thanks for being an inspiration. ☀️❤️

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  6. I’m grateful to have read this story.
    Loved it, thanks again.

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