“215th” Story

A man was accused of murdering a father of three sons. Soldiers brought him to the king.

The three children of the victim were asking the king for justice.

The person who was accused of murder begged the King: “I am not this man’s murderer, and I can prove that if you let me leave for three days, and I promise that I will return before the third days sunset. I assure that I will come back to pay for my crime if I am at any conviction.”

The king said: “Who will guarantee that you will keep your promise and will come back for your punishment?”

The murderer pointed at the king’s minister and said: “He will.”

The king looked at his minister and even though the minister didn’t thoroughly know the convicted person, but agreed to guarantee the murderer’s return.

The king told his minister: “You don’t really know this man. What if he doesn’t come back? Then you will be punished for his crime.”

The minister still agreed to support the murderer’s words.

The king set the murderer free for three days.

The three days were coming to an end and everyone was worried about the minister. What if he would pay the price for trusting a murderer’s words.

In the last minutes to the sunset of the third day, the murderer showed up, to be judged by the king.

The king asked him: “Why did you come back? You could have been free forever. Your trial could end with your execution.”

The murderer replied: “I am an honest person. I never killed anyone. But I would never let an innocent person be executed instead of me. I always like to keep my promises, and want others to learn to respect their words. I just went to bring witnesses that were with me the time that man was murdered.”

The king asked the minister: “Why did you support someone you weren’t very close with?”

The minister said: “So others will learn to trust, give chances and be kind and supportive when a person is insisting on being innocent, and give them opportunaty to prove it.”

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  1. A lesson in trust. 👌🏼

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  2. as always a story that entertains, pleasant and instructive!
    love ❤️

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  3. Sometimes trusting someone you don’t know, is what your heart is telling you. Thank you for posting this beautiful story.

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  4. Fab shorty Laheh! Great message!💕

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  5. Such an encouraging story! Laleh, these words offer a view of trust from three perspectives: the suspected murderer, the king’s minister, and the king himself.

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  6. Great lessons in this piece, Laleh!

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  7. If memory serves me right, I recollect having read a nearly same but TRUE story involving a man called PETHIAS in ancient GREECE. It was some eight decades ago. Great post.

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  8. What a wonderful lesson told so well!

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