Never Ask God; WHY?

“217th” Stories

***One day death went to visit a man and said: “Today will be your last day of living.”

“But I am not ready.” The man replied.

The death said: “Sorry to say that your name was at the top of my today’s list.”

The man calmly rejoined: “Oh, ok. No problem. Let’s have a coffee together, before my death.”

“No harm in that.” The Death responded.

The man secretly put some sleeping pills in Death’s coffee and handed her the cup.

 The Death finished the coffee and went to deep sleep.

The man took the Death’s list and erased his name from the top part of the inventory and put it at the bottom.

The death woke up and said: “You were very kind to me today. To pay my appreciation to you I will start my duty from the bottom of the list.”

Some things in life are impossible to change, no matter how hard you try to transform them.


When God created Crows, one of the Crows objected and said: “I don’t like to be this ugly.”

God changed that complainer Crow into a beautiful Parrot.

Now that crow was beautiful, but because of her beauty, the Parrot got hunted to stay in cages by humans, while other Crows were free.


Someone asked a shop owner: “How do you make money in this quiet alley? I don’t see anyone pass from here.”

The shop owner replied: “The same God who can find me by the time of death no matter where I am, will send me a customer to be a provider for my family.”

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  1. Leleh, do you mind my using your story of death visiting a man. And if okay, I will use your blog as where I first saw this marvelous story.

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  2. It’s true, nothing can be changed, when
    It’s not supposed. Loved the story.

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  3. Another wonderful story Laleh. Death has his / her priorites and when our time is up its up!

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  4. oh what a good lesson there .. death by dumbness.. lol 💗

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  5. Yes, accept life’s arrangement.

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  6. This makes me think of the times we are upset, thinking we’ve messed up God’s plan for us. Once I heard a wise person say, “Don’t flatter yourself! Do you really think a puny, weak thing like you could keep the Almighty from carrying out His plan!?” That was reassuring … sort of. 😉

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  7. Great story to reflect back at life how fortunate we are for all that we have. We should always learn the lessons and thank god for everything we have. 💐🙏

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  8. These are some great, thought provoking parables.

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  9. Laleh, the ending was expected, but I had to laugh at the foolishness of the man. One can never fool God.

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  10. Another fantastic story! Have a wonderful weekend.

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