Thank you very much to my dear followers for giving 500 kind likes to my first post. Love you all and I’m grateful to have you.❤️

Dear friends:

You can purchase my book “Climbing Over Grit” Winner of “Canada Book Award” at;

Barnes & Noble, Gardners, Bertrams, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com and all bookselling channels via hubs in the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Russia, and Australia. The links are listed below:








Our Book Page is:



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  1. Richly deserved! I’ve only ever had one post get more than a hundred!

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  2. Woooot! Congrats! On to 1K likes now!

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  3. You deserve, like hardly anyone, recognition and a lot of likes. That it would translate into money, because you have to live on something to write.
    I sent my regards

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  4. Congratulations Blessings, Laleh. So excited for you, so well deserved. 🤗👏💜

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  5. Congratulations as I just see your posts for the first time now Laleh 🤓☺️ congratulations…looks like a great read! Compose a beautiful day ~ smiles Hedy

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  6. Congratulations, a wonderful achievement!

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  7. Congrats:) and thank you so much for visiting my site

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  8. Wooohooo, 500 is impressive, congrats! 😄xx

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