“85th” Reviews and comments


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  1. Always a wonderful pleasure for me to read your stories Laleh…… sorry I don’t get to your posts as often as I would like….. but my blog site has become extraordinarily large….and I struggle to visit all my lovely followers….. I just do what is possible…. 💙💛🌏

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  2. You are so sweet and delicate, Laleh ❤
    Warm hugs

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  3. When my husband and I were out for out daily walk I told him your story of the schoolboy and the broken pencils. He loved it! I look forward to your stories.

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  4. Indeed it is a pleasure to read your wonderful stories

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  5. Hi Laleh! Your stories are so simple and thought provoking. It’s a lovely blog in all. I’m learning a lot from you, specially bit by bit of Persian. 💐💐💐

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  6. Thank you so so much, Laleh!!❤️You posting my comments means so so so much to me!!😊❤️ And, believe me it is the magic of your stories that drive your readers to leave you little notes of love!❤️ Keep writing and inspiring.😊

    Loads of love ❤️
    ~Riddhima Nayyar🌸

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  7. He, he such a nice appreciation for all the hard work behind.
    This is what matters, the comments, the kind thoughts that maybe you never thought were going to exist. I know the feeling.

    Congrats and stay safe! ❤

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  8. Grazie a te per queste storie piene di sentimento e morale.

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  9. Thank you Laleh ! Bisous amicaux de France…

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  10. The FB comments are so true! Your stories are wonderful 🙂

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