I don’t know how to thank all my wonderful, talented friends in the blog world. I am honored to be liked by you guys.

I try to keep my promises and gather short stories with morals and share them on Thursdays.

I also appreciate all the beautiful, kind comments on my books and blog, and as appreciation, I try to post them on Saturdays and Mondays.

Love you all.

Laleh Chini

Categories: Short Story


  1. moral. morale. ooof! yeah ok now

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  2. Allways my, our pleasure❤️💙💚

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  3. Appreciate you and congratulations

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  4. Your work is deserving of such praise and we are lucky to know you Laleh!~ ❣️

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  5. Love you style of writing,dear Laleh!!❤️✌️❤️💞🙏🏻💞

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