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“Climbing Over Grit”

I was hurt along with the character Najmeh, by all the tragic events in her life. I highly recommend everyone read this book. We should all see what is happening in some parts of the world. This book fascinated me by the courage and patience of Najmeh. The beautiful part was that Najmeh’d daughter Laleh Chini and her granddaughter Abnoos Mosleh Shirazi wrote this memoir. They did a great job sharing the pain all little girls go through by child marriage unfairly in many places in this modern world.

Read it.

Samantha M.

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  1. I was absolutely blown away by Climbing Over Grit. It is a book I want to read again and again — and I rarely feel that way about a book. I’m glad it has been so well received by the public and garnered so many wonderful reviews!

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  2. I will try to read this novel❤️🤗❤️

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